Music needs to be part of the education of every child… it’s clear that music study at any age can increase the quality of life…”
Music, Brain Research and Better Behaviour
The Education Digest, February 2000

At Gia’s Music School, we focus on giving the students the tools with the right teachers to develop their qualities through MUSIC.
Every teacher at our school is highly qualified and trained.
Gia (piano) – started playing the piano when he was 3. Some of his best students have attended the prestigious schools, Berklee College of Music and Juilliard School. Has studied with teachers from Bucharest, Moscow, Jerusalem, Bruxelles, Paris & London. Master Degree.
Has also studied Child Psychology: knows how to make the learning process FUN, CREATIVE & INSPIRATIONAL, at the same time motivate "young minds".
He is a member of the Guild of Canadian Film Composers and Society of Composers, Authors & Music Publishers of Canada. Besides teaching, he composes music. Has released 3 CDs with different labels.
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Gali (Professional Singer) – performed at various festivals, television shows and concerts. Her methods include: proper breathing technique, vocal warm-up and strengthening exercises, posture, tone, expression and gesture in performance, and much more!

Alex (guitar) - Bachelor degree in Music, RCM Exam preparation, teaches classical, electric, jazz, blues and rock.

(drums, assorted percussion) – a fantastic drummer! Degree in Music from York University. Teaches beginner to professional level. Also teaches Latin Percussion, African Drums, and East Indian Percussion.


"I am one of Gia's students taking Piano/Music Theory lessons. Gia makes his classes quite fun and challenging. I glady recommend anyone interested in taking lessons to talk with Gia or Betty about the school. Not only am I happy with my results, it also makes me feel good to be working with such great people. Keep up the good work Gia and Betty!!! "
And it's never to late to start learning...
(33 years old and just started learning piano)


"Gia is funny and makes learning fun and interesting. Also he teaches me songs I want to learn. I have recently started my fourth book!
(I am 10 and I have been with Gia for about 3 years now)"
Kandice Lau


"My two girls started taking lessons with Gia about 3 years ago. For any parent who is thinking about putting their children in piano lessons, I strongly recommend you to start with Gia. My girls love having lessons with him. He picks interesting songs and still pushes them to try hard. He gives class reports so you know how you child is progressing. He keeps them interested and sometimes breaks up the class with a funny cartoon or something.
Betty does all the co-ordination and works very hard to accommodate my request if I have to change our schedule.
The annual recital is awesome! Every student got a chance to perform in front of an audience.
It is a very well run school and the most important thing is that my children loves coming to their lessons!
Irene, Aurora



"Gia's vibrant and energetic style has captured the interest of our young sons"
H. Penstone



I'm glad that my son started his music lessons with Gia. At the age of 5, I was worried that he would get discouraged and disinterested very fast. But amazingly Gia has made music interesting, fun and at the same time sufficiently disciplined that he has progress at an excellent pace. Most importantly, Gia shows a genuine interest in his students and gives his best all the time. I would recommend Gia's Music School anytime.
M. Rahnema


"The School provides a good learning environment with adequate equipment. All personnel are friendly. Lesson is tailored to student progress. I have very good experience".
K. Soh, adult learner
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